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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Femdom - Total Bitch Mistresses

Our darkest desires to worship and be punished by a cruel dominant powerful dominatrix or mistress. To worship their body, kiss their feet, licking their toes and sniffing their soles, sucking on their stiletto heels, cumming over leather boots, creaming over their nylon seamed stockings. Being forced to suck another man's cock, a man with a bigger cock for which you are humiliated for having such a pathetic piece of meat. She sucks his big cock in front of you then makes you swallow his cum as he squirts his hot cum in your mouth and over your face, your are cuckold! Licking another man's fresh cum off mistresses breasts, making sure to get every last drop.

Being forced to lick and clean her asshole, her anus, her arse, her stinking bum hole. Made to clean her pussy after she has been with another man licking cum out from inside her and then cleaning the piss off after she pisses over you. She crushes your cock with her feet and her fists, punching your balls and twisting your cock. Forcing you to take a big black strap-on up your slave ass, stretching your anus till it bleeds. Biting and pulling your nipples while you are whipped all over and bent over and caned till your butt bleeds.

Only then will you start to be worthy of being her slave! You will be locked in a cage, deprived of light, sound, food and water until you have reflected on what you have learnt.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Femme Fatale Films

Very sexy strict mistresses
This slave is whipped and caged by stunning leather clad mistress

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Kinky Mistresses

Bound and Whipped by two black Mistresses

Mistress Extreme Anal Fucking Slave